Common answers to your questions

Do you ship world wide?

Yes, we do ship worldwide! We believe that everyone should have access to our products, no matter where they live. We offer international shipping to most countries around the world. Shipping fees and delivery times may vary depending on your location and the shipping method you choose. You will be provided a shipping quote at check out.

Do the seat covers accommodate for side air bags?

We manufacture all of our custom-made seat covers using a breakaway special thread and controlled manufacture method so as in the event of an accident, the airbag will deploy with no hindrance or obstruction from the seat cover. Test Report by an approved NATA laboratory can be made available on request.

Do you offer a fitting service?

We offer a fitment service at our head office in Sydney for an additional fee.
Please contact our customer service team to book a fitting appointment.

How long should I allow to fit my seat covers?

Fitting involves more than slipping the covers on. It is important to understand each fitment can be a little different, as a general rule we suggest allowing 30 minutes for each row of seating, this means approximately 15 mins for the drivers, 15 minutes for the passenger front seat and 30 minutes for each of the middle and/or rear seats.

How do I track my delivery?

You can track your order using our order tracking tool. Once dispatched, we’ll upload your delivery tracking link there (and via email) so you monitor its progress.

Do your seat covers covers have full coverage

Yes, all our seat covers are designed to cover the entire seat, including the sides and back. Our seat covers are custom-made to fit your specific vehicle’s seats, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum protection. Which means access to armrests, iso-fix, seat belts, latches etc. You will absolutely retain full functionality of your original seats.

Can I buy just a single seat cover?

We produce seat covers by row so when ever you choose and specifiy your configurations, you are ordering a row.

There is no option for ordering or replacing seat covers by piece.

There are creases in my seat covers, when I first fit them to my car, will they go away?

Creases will be present on most seat covers whether store purchased or online due to the need to fold the seat covers. Once seat covers are fitted for a few weeks the creases will disappear. In fact some of our canvas seat covers can take a month to iron out the creases due to the heavy duty nature of the material this is perfectly normal.

How do I return something?

If you have changed your mind, purchased incorrectly, received a faulty/incorrectly described item, or received the wrong item we want to help you get back on track as quickly as possible.

To get started, contact our customer service crew for help or use our self-help product return tool. Our team will assess the concern and assist with a return option under our policies.

How Do I Remove My Headrests?

First, contact your local dealership and provide them with your VIN number to confirm that you do in fact have removable headrests.

Second, find the button on the headrest post. On the opposite post, you may see a tiny slot that you can stick a clothing pin or needle into. (See photo attached).

While pushing the button with your thumb and pushing the needle into the slot with your other thumb; have someone pull the headrest up and it should come right off.

Simply slide the headrest prongs back into their slots once the seat cover is installed.