“The Devil’s in the details”

Let’s face it, talented trimmers in Sydney are nearly impossible find these days. Auto Armoury is here to provide undoubtedly the highest possible quality upholstery solutions. Using skilled techniques and premium materials.

Building your vision

Some of our services

Steering wheels

We are one of the only a few upholsters left in Australia that still practice the art of modifying and restoring wheels. Mainly because of how bloody difficult they are to do right. But for us, that’s what make them so exciting!

Seat upholstery

We are able to turn your wildest interior dreams into reality. No idea is too hard or too complicated. If you want it done, we will find a way. Everything from over the top award winning show cars to the family SUV!

Upholstery repair

I’m sure you have been looking at that tear on you driver seat for a very long time now. Don’t let something so simply bring down the mood every drive. lets fix it up! Everything from hand stitching holes, to foam padding repair.

Seat Covers

Looking for an affordable way to protect what you already have? Our vehicle specific, custom seat covers offer an outstanding fit and durability with the ability to be easily put on top of your original seats and removed as you wish.

Steering wheel wraps

Steering wheel covers on steroids. Wraps provide protection, restoration and the ability to add your own customisable choice of materials and colours without breaking the bank. made to go right over your original leather and DIY.

Parts reproduction

We love a challenge. That’s why we now offer product design and reproduction services. Using advanced technologies like 3D scanning/ printing, CAD and CNC we are able to remake an old broken part that isn’t available or even redesign it.

over 60,000 vehicles patterned and counting!

Vehicle specific, Tailor Made seat covers

Guaranteed perfect fit
Airbag safe
Huge fabric selection
Free shipping
Multiple colour choices
Goes over original seats trim

Premium Seat Covers

Australia’s largest selection of custom made seat cover. Designed specifically to suit your exact vehicle perfectly

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