Obsessed with cars and Passionate about design.

Don’t settle for dodgy workmanship

Quality Materials

The Australian sun is exceptionally harsh, demanding every piece is crafted to endure. From sourcing our leather directly in Brendola, Italy, to incorporating genuine Alcantara®, we settle for nothing less than the finest quality.

Creative flare

It’s not enough to just be good at sewing in this industry. We are pushing boundaries and blurring the line between art and upholstery. Auto Armoury refuses to be boring or average.


Experts in what we do. Because our lives revolve around cars and has been for a very long time. R&D will always be integral in our operation. Never stagnant. We are actively ahead of the trend and always receptive to learning more.

Open Hours

Via appointment:

Monday- Friday


Auto Armoury Pty Ltd was created by master motor trimmer Jake Hawat in 2012 to showcase his expert knowledge in the art of upholstery and leather craft. With a father who worked in automotive upholstery and a mother who worked in clothing textiles, he was born to be a trimmer. He excelled through the trade at a rapid pace, acquiring knowledge of specialized techniques and tricks from all over the world. Implementing that knowledge in conjunction with his natural artistic flair and an all-encompassing need for perfection in even the smallest details into what is now his distinctively “Auto Armoury” show-winning interiors.

This website is not only a place to showcase upholstery work but also a hub to design, source, and distribute high-quality automotive products. As motor enthusiasts, we are all pretty fed up with spending days sifting through different sites trying to source something for our vehicles, only to find listings that have no practical information on the product itself, then have it arrive and, honestly, just be pretty crap. That’s why we only present the most outstanding and high-end products, focusing on design, functionality, and material quality to save you the hassle and disappointment. If a product doesn’t meet our rigorous standards, we simply won’t sell it – it’s as easy as that.

We genuinely thank you so much for choosing Auto Armoury Pty Ltd for your support over the years. We hope you have found what you have been searching for with us!